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Welcome To 2023

FYI | Jan 09 2023

Dear investor,

welcome to 2023.

The new calendar year has started with very low activity in terms of stockbroker research, but also with a number of technical flaws and gremlins impacting on the FNArena website, including annoying advertisements flying around our screens.

I guess there's no such thing as a boring start when the general denominators are finance and financial markets.

Tech Support is aware of the issues, and working on solutions and remedies. If you do have a specific problem and suspect we are not yet aware, do tell us.

We'll do our best to make FNArena your go-to destination in 2023 (and beyond).

On a more general level: depending on volumes in broker research updates, overall activity will gradually ramp up this week and next in preparation of the February reporting season. Once Australia Day is behind us, your familiar team of journalists will be in full swing.

Short term: let's hope we can leave current hiccups behind us quickly, and move on to a more pleasant environment.

Broker research available has been updated and can be viewed through today's updated Australian Broker Call Report.

Best Wishes and lots of prosperity,

Your Editor and the team here at FNArena

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