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Decarbonisation, renewables and cyber crime proved the big-ticket ESG items during the December half

Apr 03 2024

The drums of war are beating and ESG is finding it harder to attract funding in a tighter capital market as big capital’s focus shifts to onshoring, restructuring of supply relationships, military investments, global elections and AI; but it’s full steam ahead for decarbonisation

Mar 07 2024

Parliament passes amended Closing Loopholes Bill 2023; corporate Australia objects to the bill; Jarden identifies most vulnerable big ASX-listers to the bill’s passage; Macquarie checks out modern slavery in solar; and green laggards are likely to suffer cuts to credit scores

Nov 30 2023

FNArena (net) zeroes in on green steel developments: the SBTi estimates -14% of steel producers’ value is at risk if the industry fails to innovate; much depends on the pace of the green-steel ramp-up; and much more

Nov 23 2023

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ESG Focus: Rounding Up A Psychosocial FY23 Season

Nov 20 2023

In FNArena’s final instalment for the FY23 ESG reporting season, we round up analysts’ observations on of psychosocial safety metrics; reconciliation action plans; modern slavery reporting and gender diversity

ESG Focus: The Little Big Things – 15-11-2023

Nov 15 2023

We’re going macro this week as some analysts tip rate cuts as early as March, before going green: capital costs are falling for green manufacturers and decarbonisers; plus lots more.

ESG Focus: Day Of The TRIFRS

Nov 09 2023

This final instalment on reporting season checks out the S in ESG in a season defined by labour shortages, fatalities, safety reporting, and same-job-same-pay developments; and psychosocial safety

ESG Focus: The Little Big Things – 31-10-2023

Nov 01 2023

In this edition we return to the green theme as green deflation kicks in on the national energy market big time; global analysts forecast a slump in global electric vehicle demand; lithium price forecasts are hammered; and for a little light relief, the world’s first flying car comes to market

ESG Focus: ESG-Linked Remuneration Now In Focus

Oct 19 2023

There was plenty of action on the social and governance fronts this FY23 reporting season, including a heightened focus on sustainability-linked remuneration and other governance incentives

ESG Focus: The Little Big Things – 18-10-2023

Oct 18 2023

Biodiversity is in the spotlight this week; Morgan Stanley highlights potential investment opportunities; and Jarden announces a Global Nature Credit Markets Tracker

ESG Focus: The Little Big Things – 03-10-2023

Oct 03 2023

Zooming in on the latest news in global decarbonisation, in particular, the most recent IEA forecasts (one being for investment of US$4.5trn a year) and their implications; as well as the global march of ESG shortsellers; and more!

ESG Focus: Strong Reporting Season For Circularity, Nature, Biodiversity and AI

Oct 02 2023

The circularity theme kicked off in earnest for the August 2023 reporting season highlighted by packaging companies, biodiversity themes and plenty to say about AI

ESG Focus: The Little Big Things – 27-09-2023

Sep 27 2023

ASX-listed ESG targets, board expectations of rising decarbonisation capex, the top 10 sustainability topics, AI opportunities, plus lots more!

ESG Focus: Grid Set To Enter An Iron Age

Sep 21 2023

Pundits say innovation in iron-based batteries is a game-changer – welcome to the new iron age

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