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US small caps are not the asset class they once were, explains T Rowe Price, but investors might still get excited about an opportunity looming, quality exposures in particular

Feb 13 2024

T. Rowe Price notes US small caps have only seen a PE as low as it is now twice this century

Dec 05 2023

What is causing the current selloff in US and Australian bond markets, and whether it can maintain its current trajectory or if we are heading for disaster

Oct 30 2023

Central bank policies are already changing in Emerging Market economies, highlights T Rowe Price, though developed countries might not necessarily be poised to follow soon

Oct 12 2023

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Equity Strategy: Coming In For A Landing

Jul 26 2023

Will the global economy suffer a hard or soft landing, or none at all, in regards a recession, and how are investors setting for the outcome?

Team USA-Australia Joins The Greentech Race

Jul 19 2023

Australia and the US have signed a deal that gives Aussie companies access to Inflation Reduction Act subsidies with both countries joining forces in a bid to outrun China in the Greentech race

Bear Market Rally Or New Bull Emerging?

Jul 14 2023

The second half of 2023 is set up as a tug of war between still optimistic market expectations for a soft landing and more cautious economic forecasts that call for contraction. ClearBridge offers its analysis and in-house prognosis

El Nino An Inflation Threat?

Jun 21 2023

The world appears set to shift into an El Nino phase. Oxford Economics assesses the potential impact on crops, food prices and CPI

More Fed Hikes Are But A Distraction

Jun 20 2023

Today’s debate whether more rate hikes from the Fed are forthcoming should not be the main focus for investors, Western Assets asserts

The Prudence Of Infrastructure In A Recession

Jun 09 2023

Infrastructure’s resilience can serve investors well during times of economic recession, reports ClearBridge Investments

Equities Ignore Recession, Profit Risks

Jun 08 2023

Time for equity investors to prepare for higher borrowing costs and rising stresses on corporate cash flows, warns MFS’s Robert Almeida

Markets Are Distracted

May 22 2023

The Fed hiking rates or not from here onwards is a ‘distraction’, argues MFS strategist Robert Almeida. What matters instead are future cash flows/profits, and here markets are set for disappointment

US Debt Ceiling: Here We Go Again

Apr 21 2023

With the US set to run out of money in the next few months, and US politics at bipartisan extremes, another debt ceiling battle is underway which could have recession implications

Why The Fed Must Pivot

Apr 13 2023

Ahead of the Herd’s Rick Mills explains why the Fed must pivot

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