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AI is a game-changer, analysts agree, but there remain questions over predicted productivity gains, potential job losses, costs, power requirements and how long AI adoption will take

Apr 10 2024

A compilation of stories relating to the February 2024 corporate reporting season in Australia, including FNArena’s final balance for the season

Mar 27 2024

The February result season was largely an average affair, assisted by underlying positive sentiment

Mar 12 2024

Soft landing? Recession? Inflation falling? Central banks easing? There remain questions as to how 2024 will play out

Dec 20 2023

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Australian Banks Post FY23 Results: Same, Same

Nov 30 2023

It has not been a good year for bank earnings, and brokers see little change in the year ahead

Rise Of The Machines: AI Has Arrived

Nov 16 2023

There is no disagreement AI is here and is about to explode into our lives. As for how long it will take to change the world is up for debate, and not all implications are positive

Australian Insurers And The Weather

Oct 19 2023

As we begin a period of El Nino, analysts suggest Australia’s general insurers are set to enjoy a period of significant earnings upside

Lithium: Short Term Pain, Long Term Gain?

Oct 13 2023

Most brokers assume lithium prices have further to fall before a supply deficit looms later this decade. Have lithium mining stocks been sufficiently de-rated?

The Problem With China

Oct 06 2023

China is facing debt, deflation and demographic risks that threaten to derail its growth ambitions

Rudi’s Comprehensive August 2023 Review

Sep 21 2023

A compilation of stories relating to the August 2023 corporate reporting season in Australia, including FNArena’s final balance for the season

August Result Season 2023: The Wrap

Sep 13 2023

The August result season was not among the better ones, but it could have been worse

Investment Strategy For The Second Half

Jul 04 2023

Analysts offer their views on global markets as we head into the second half of 2023

Healthcare Meets Technology: A New Age

May 31 2023

AI has its supporters and its critics, but one area in which AI can be a force for good is healthcare

China’s Failing Growth

May 24 2023

There were great expectations of a rapid Chinese economic rebound, but as some analysts warn, it’s just not going to happen