FNArena Team

FNArena started life in June 2002. From the get go there was a built-in desire to break down barriers and to innovate. The Australian Broker Call Report, the first service offered by the company, was at that time totally new and controversial, before it became widely copied and imitated.

The upgrade of the FNArena website in early 2017 marks another leap towards achieving that ultimate target; to offer the most sophisticated service available for researching Australian equities.


Rudi Filapek-Vandyck

Editor & Founder

Editor Rudi Filapek-Vandyck founded FNArena in June 2002, having successfully built up an online financial news service in the Netherlands. His active career extends beyond three decades, including as publisher of printed magazines and investigative reporter.

Rudi is a popular market analyst whose straight-shooting, common sense analysis and outside-the-box thinking has gathered a loyal following throughout Australia. He’s a regular commentator on Sky Business and a consultant to boutique investment firms. Rudi regularly travels around the country to share his insights and analysis live on stage with investors. He is the architect of the All-Weather Performers concept, providing regular updates for paying subscribers at FNArena.

Rudi wrote “Make Risk Your Friend. Finding All-Weather Performers in the Australian Share Market”, parts 1 & 2, which are exclusively available for paying members at FNArena. In 2015 FNArena published his eBook “Change. Investing in a Low Growth World”, available at Amazon and other major online distributors.

Always an independent thinker, Rudi has not shied away from making big out-of-consensus predictions that proved accurate later on. Read more HERE

Greg Peel

Senior Writer

Greg Peel joined Macquarie Bank in 1986 and acquired trading experience in equities, currency, fixed income and commodities derivatives, ultimately being appointed director of equity derivatives trading. He later published In With The Smart Money (a plain English guide to the mysterious world of financial markets and derivatives) and acted as a consultant to boutique investment funds. In 2004 Greg joined FNArena as a contributing writer. He is now a director and principal of the company. Greg compliments the journalistic background of the FNArena team with lengthy experience as a financial markets proprietary trader.


Sarah Mills


Sarah Mills has worked as a journalist on several of Australia’s leading metropolitan newspapers, including The Australian Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian. Sarah established her own communications company in 1994 through which she since has advised the nation’s major corporations on branding, strategy, public relations, investor relations, and, more recently, matters of ESG and sustainability. Sarah is an author and a former Treasurer and Director of The Australian Society of Authors.

Mark Woodruff


Mark Woodruff brings along more than 20 years of experience at large multi-national companies in Finance and Accounting, including the role of senior Treasury Officer at Rio Tinto and financial planner for high net worth individuals at Westpac Bank. Mark has extensive experience in a broad range of financial instruments and derivative products. Prior to joining FNArena in 2020, Mark had been writing about investing in equities and derivatives as a Finance journalist for seven years.

Danielle Austin


Danielle Austin graduated with a Masters of Communications degree in 2021. Apart from running her own food-based Instagram channel, Danielle’s written contributions appear in Time Out Australia, Lost in Fremantle, and elsewhere. In early 2020 FNArena offered Danielle the chance to explore and develop the world of finance and investing; initially as an occasional free-lancer, later with larger commitment and regular contributions. Today, Danielle is a valued member of the core team of journalists at FNArena.