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FNArena Book Review: Going Infinite. The Rise and Fall of a New Tycoon by Michael Lewis

Jan 11 2024

FNArena Book Review: Grow Your Wealth Faster with Alternative Assets. A complete guide to the new universe of investment opportunities by Travis Miller, published by Wiley

Jul 28 2023

Extract from Grow Your Wealth Faster with Alternative Assets by Travis Miller, published by Wiley

Jun 09 2023

The magnitude of the challenge facing traditional banks is immense, point out the authors of a new book on the sector. Survival is linked to an ‘ambidextrous’ model.

May 02 2022

Previous Stories

FNArena Book Review: Crypto Wars

Nov 17 2021

Crypto Wars by Erica Stanford puts the darker corners of the world of blockchain and crypto tokens into the limelight

Book Excerpt: Shareplicity 2, A Guide To Investing In US Stock Markets

Oct 05 2021

Edited excerpt from Shareplicity 2, A guide to investing in US stock markets: Secular Growth Megatrends & The S-Curve

Book Excerpt: Cowries To Crypto

Dec 22 2020

Illustrations from Cowries to Crypto: The History of Money, Currency and Wealth, written by Jame DiBiasio and illustrated by Harry Harrison

FNArena Book Review: Good To Great

Oct 20 2020

Good To Great by Jim Collins, first published in 2001, still contains plenty of valuable insights for today’s investor looking for that special kind of corporate breed

FNArena Book Review: Warren And Charlie’s Bedtime Story

Jul 03 2020

New Yorker Adam Robinson weaved his admiration for Buffett and Munger into a children’s book for adults

Book Excerpt: Twenty-First Century Investing

Jun 22 2020

Twenty-First Century Investing is a redacted excerpt from newly published book Shareplicity. A simple approach to share investing.

FNArena Book Review: Confusion De Confusiones

Jun 14 2019

Confusion de Confusiones, first published in 1688, shows how little has changed in shares trading and human nature since.

FNArena Book Review: Uncommon Sense

May 27 2019

Michael Kemp’s ‘Uncommon Sense’ concludes nothing is perfect when it comes to investing, and ‘value’ certainly isn’t everything.

FNArena Book Review: Political Economy Of Tomorrow

Oct 16 2017

Marc Chandler’s “Political Economy of Tomorrow” offers an alternative view on capitalism that both refreshes and enlightens.

FNArena Book Review: Investing Through The Looking Glass

Jul 10 2017

Tim Price’s ‘Investing Through The Looking Glass’ is a timeless reminder not everything is as sounds and healthy as it may seem in the global economy post-GFC.

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