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Latin Resources’ Halloysite And Kaolin Assays Could Be Highest Grade In Australia

FYI | Apr 09 2021

–The below is a company-sponsored announcement–

Latin Resources Limited ((LRS)) has announced that the majority of the test-work results from the Noombenberry Halloysite-Kaolin Project have now been received.

Latin Resources has been conducting its maiden 2500m aircore drilling program at its Halloysite /Kaolin project in WA.

LRS has been drill testing one of Australia’s few known occurrences of ultra-high-grade halloysite – a naturally occurring nanotube.

The latest test-work results continue to show consistent high-grade halloysite and ultra-bright white ISO-B values over significant widths close to surface.

In fact, these results from the Noombenberry Project are proving to show some of the highest grade Halloysite and Kaolin assays in Australia.

A key feature was hole NBAC119, which returned 26 metres at 24% halloysite, including 8 metres at 35% halloysite, and an individual 4 metres composite sample returning 41% halloysite.

These have included 41 metres at 12% halloysite, 72% Kaolinite and 81 ISO-B from 6 metres.

Even though there are still several XRD and XRF results to be returned, management is buoyed by the emergence of patterns of widespread ultra-bright white kaolinite saprolite across the full extent of the 18 square kilometre area drilled, containing pods of high-grade halloysite within.

The strong coverage and high grades provide Latin Resources with confidence that the upcoming Maiden Mineral Resource Estimate will be a significant milestone.

While the last of the samples are progressing through the laboratory and various testing facilities, management continues to work in the background to enable the fast-tracking of the resource estimate once all results are received with the Maiden JORC Resource anticipated to be released in May.

With all of the sample brightness data available, patterns are beginning to emerge from that data highlighting a blanket of ultra-bright-white kaolinite (>80 ISO-B), across the tenement, broken up by several small areas where the basement granite sub-crops.

This is highlighted in the following graphic that shows the maximum downhole brightness across the drilled grid, with the red and white areas representing a maximum down-hole brightness value of over 80 ISO-B.

The company is in detailed discussions with specialist consultants to commence an initial scoping study once the Maiden JORC Resource is completed.

The successful scoping study will then generate a development business case to commence a detailed pre-feasibility study to fast-track development plans for a high-grade Halloysite Kaolin project.

Commenting on these recent developments and reaffirming that the project was well on track to complete the initial geological model by the targeted June quarter timeframe, exploration manager Tony Greenaway said, “We are all extremely pleased to see the Noombenberry Project advancing as it is.

"We are continuing to see the very high grades of halloysite together with the ultra-bright kaolinite in our latest results.

"With all of the brightness testing now completed, we can clearly see the extent of the high-quality kaolinite blanket across the tenement area that we have drill tested, and that this remains open in all directions.

"This provides us with a very high degree of confidence in our project as we move forward into the development of the maiden resource estimate.

"Working closely with our resource estimation partners at RSC, we are steadily progressing what we can in the background, while the final few results are returned.

"The completion of the initial geological model is a big step forward and provides significant insight as to what we might expect of the final estimation outcome.

"We are well on track to have this process completed within our original time frame of Q2 2021.”

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