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Rudi’s View: FNArena Subscribers’ Feedback

Always an independent thinker, Rudi has not shied away from making big out-of-consensus predictions that proved accurate later on. When Rio Tinto shares surged above $120 he wrote investors should sell. In mid-2008 he warned investors not to hold on to equities in oil producers. In August 2008 he predicted the largest sell-off in commodities stocks was about to follow. In 2009 he suggested Australian banks were an excellent buy. Between 2011 and 2015 Rudi consistently maintained investors were better off avoiding exposure to commodities and to commodities stocks. Post GFC, he dedicated his research to finding All-Weather Performers. See also "All-Weather Performers" on this website, as well as the Special Reports section.

Rudi's View | Dec 07 2021

Throughout 2021, FNArena invited paying subscribers to submit their undiluted and unrestrained feedback. Below are the responses received, with the exception of a handful messages that were either too short or in an awkward format. One message has been withheld because, in our opinion, it contains a great suggestion, but we will need some time to implement it on our website.

With the exception of removing the full name and other personal details of the respondents, no changes were made to the messages received. (Though we may have corrected a few grammar lapses and typos).

To all respondents: a Big Thank You for allocating some of your time and making the effort. Highly appreciated!


Why I continue subscribing to FNArena:

•    I like Rudi. He tells you what he thinks and why. Easy to understand. Not too much technical stuff forced down your throat. And, he has a sense of humour. Rudi’s weekly email is a must read/re-read.
•    Greg’s daily market report is always worth a read. It covers a lot of ground without being too long. He also has a sense of humour.
•    The Broker Call is a very useful way of checking on current and potential investments. Easy to flick through and backed by further data in Stock Analysis and elsewhere when required.
•    You continue to provide additional information (eg introducing new features) as well as regular ones (eg results season updates). There is more material than I can digest.
•    All-weather Performers. Great concept and it is interesting to note when changes are made to the lists.
•    FNArena does not spend too much time selling something, which is an annoying feature of some other investment services.
•    The “new” website is a great improvement.

I don’t have any criticisms at the moment.  I’ll leave it for the FNArena team to keep on improving the service.

A few years ago Rudi organised a dinner in Melbourne (he was here for a presentation) where we could chat to him. If COVID ever permits us to travel again, it would be good to do something like that again.


I'm glad you asked me actually, you may not know but I am one of FNArena's biggest fans.

I have watched and read articles from Rudi for around 15 years now and cannot ever see myself without an FNArena subscription. After these lockdowns are over I would also like to attend some events around Sydney, especially if Rudi is presenting.

FNArena is the Go-To place to find research, sentiment, commentary, data, announcements, key dates, and heaps more… If you are serious about making money in financial markets, you will already know that you cannot do all of this work yourself, no one can.

These guys are the best financial markets help money can buy, I would get a 10 year subscription if they had one.


Sorry if you were hoping for something clever and punchy. Investing is hard work and can test your confidence. It takes time and effort. The amount of information available every day is overwhelming. I get what Buffett meant with his advice to be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful, but I prefer to avoid greed, fear and panic.

I've been a long term FNArena subscriber because it is the most effective way I've found be informed about the market and economy. I love the balanced and measured approach. During the market Covid panic FNArena was the voice of reason and calm. I particularly like that Greg produces an informative daily update that entertains and that Rudi produces the weekly insights that broaden thinking and make you look past individual stocks.

I keep coming back to FNArena because I've been investing for a long time and consistently make the money I need to fund retirement. When the market corrects I still sleep well.

Criticisms? I have nothing to whinge about. My least favourite part of the website is the sponsored content, but understand the need for income. I do enjoy your occasional political comment, so don't ever step back from that.


I find FNArena refreshing with Rudi’s views and his coverage of and comments on other sources. The all weather Performers are well thought out and The Corporate Results Monitor and Superstock report are useful updates.

Now I have retired I will be able to explore all of the features and I am sure it will help my investing. Regular updates on Short reports are useful too.


As background, I originally signed up for a 6 month subscription to trial the service but had no hesitation in signing up for a 12 month subscription at the end of the first subscription, as I find the service invaluable. I should say that I have also tried another similar service but found it lacking compared to the information provided by FNArena

Why do I say the service is invaluable:

1) Excellent and unbiased commentary on Markets/Individual stocks and emerging trends.

2) Ease of use of the Website.

3) I find the Australian Broker Call and consensus forecasts very useful in the evaluation of stocks held in my portfolio and potential buys.

4) Questions/Enquiries I have put forward to the Support team have been answered quickly and resolved any issue easily.

5) Understanding that a Business like this is only successful with a great team of people. I would like to single out Rudi, as a person whose general advice is without question some of the best in the Industry.


I am huge fan of super stock report, the R factor and Rudy’s weekly column – weekly insights. I also like the results monitor as well as short report.

I use all these tools for trading decisions. A fantastic independent service.


I have subscribed to a number of different services over the last 7 years where I have been investing seriously. Before that I would stick to the big 4 banks, WOW ect…

FNArena is the longest share subscription that I subscribe to and probably because the features and information keep improving. I find there’s lots of information and it’s certainly presented in a much better format in the new website. I have recommended FNArena to a number of people who are keen to watch the brokers comments.

For me the main points are I appreciate Rudi’s View, sentiment indicators and stock analysis features. Rudi's email as well as his frank and honest assessment of markets when he gets the right and wrong. I often find these subscription services people always tell you the winnings and not their biggest losers, mine being iSentia (silly me). FNP is another one which I promptly sold.

The feature stories are also a great insight into more details about the brokers thoughts on particular stocks or sectors.

I have recently noticed a link write up in the Rudi's View email to the All Weather Portfolio performance. I really enjoyed hearing about the portfolio changes and intentions. I use the All Weather Portfolio when evaluating whether to buy/sell a stock so getting further insights is always great. I also subscribe to a few fund managers portfolio monthly emails to see what their thoughts are as well.

A few features I would love to see added into the website though are:

The Broker call extra addition has been great however I would appreciate a way to collate the average broker price targets.

A broker conviction call section tab leading you into the brokers and their favourite stocks. I tried myself to keep up with them but I inherently missed the changes.

Average P/E ratios for previous 3 years on stock analysis page – quick way to check if stock is historically over/under priced.

Overall I’m very happy with the content and am a happy subscriber.


I have been with FNArena for some time now. I originally joined when we used to have the Business News channel on Foxtel (god I miss that) and Rudi was a regular on it.

Basically it was because Rudi seemed far more balanced than the other guests – many just pushing their own barrows.

I am not investing nearly as much on the stock market these days – more into property – but I keep up the subscription to keep an eye out for news on my shares (current and previous) and the sectors.

I also do a quick check on the Broker Call and Rudi’s view.

Whilst I could easily slip into indifference now I am 12 years into retirement and it seems my superannuation just keeps going up each year even after taking pension, the SMSF also includes my son and daughter-in-law so they deserve my attention.

Sorry, no criticism – works as it is for my purposes.


The areas which I enjoy on the site are:

1. Stock analysis, specifically forecast earnings, target price, data calculations, broker comments and targets, the addition of graphics to historical data;

2. Australian broker call on recent changes to brokers opinions. I do not have a relationship with a broker;

3. Daily Report on previous days events and commentary including overnight.  I find the data helpful;

4. Corporate results monitor and calendar;

5. All-weather stocks; and

6. Weekly insights.

I would like to see rigorous data on the stocks in the All-weather portfolio, why they have been selected and regular updates on the stocks.  Maybe this could be expanded on the website?

One criticism is that I need to read the weekly insight a few times for understanding. Perhaps the points could be made more clearly.


I am happy to continue to subscribe to FNArena:

   1. Its a very comprehensive website that other websites cannot provide.
   2. There are many talented staff [members] there and offer many ideas and articles.
   3. I have met Rudi many years ago at seminars in Sydney. Like to see his views on the market more often.


I have found the subscription to be extremely educational and informative.

I started investing last year so really new to this and it has allowed me to learn so much in regards to analysis, market trends, but mainly educated me to make my own choices in regards to what is happening in the market.

The editor has always been helpful and as I am a full time science teacher and beginner at all this, I have to say it has just allowed me to open my eyes to what I did not know. I don’t have the time to look up most of this myself so it’s great having it presented professionally daily.

Thank you.


Here’s how I use the FNArena services roughly in order of my dependence on your site:

•    Reading Greg Peel’s morning report (and not only for his humour??)
•    Similarly with daily broker updates and ‘Extra’ reports– I rely strongly on consensus
•    Daily check of your calendar
•    Reading every Weekly Report from Rudi for the bigger picture and for the summaries of broker ideas
•    Regularly putting my holding through the Stock Analysis
•    Keeping an eye on the “All Weather Stocks” (I would say at least 50% of the value of my holding is there, aided by larger holdings of my favourites in CSL, RMD, NXT and MQG plus 6 other stocks at the moment)
•    Maintaining a watchlist of owned stocks so as to get emails when they are mentioned in a new release
•    Running the Sentiment Indicator to identify buying opportunities
•    Making sure I have no holding that features in Greg’s Short Report
•    Reading Eva’s reports that relate to my holding and anything on my radar

It’s a long list but it’s what I do. I don’t have particular criticism but here are a couple of ideas:

•    Another now defunct website used to produce a weekly report of substantial director buying/selling of stocks in their own company. Is it something you could consider?
•    What about the following? Add the green. Drop the yellow. Then if I see a score of 1.0 from 5 sources, it becomes very significant. If it’s a score of 1.0 from 2 sources and something I already have, have noticed in Extras or some other setting, I might be interested.

Keep up the good work.


Simply what retail investor must have. It helps to gauge where the big boys are thinking. It’ll be good if you are allowed to provide even more details. Saw your recent upgrade. Looks good. Get Rudy to do more videos on popular companies please. ??

One thing I wish to have – – – mobile app!!!


Why do we continue to subscribe…..

Number one reason is having the major brokers' estimates in one place. We do have access to Macquarie and Ords detailed reports but having it in one location does make it a good tool.

Also the daily email which has the Tickers which have updated brokers reports is a good tool to see if one of our holdings has a new broker valuation.

Also the quick reference ASX 20, 50, 100 listing I find handy.


No complaints whatsoever. I had some whinges some time ago but you responded and I now think the website is excellent as it provides a wealth of information.

Keep up the good work.


I find FNArena extremely useful as you are doing all the analysis, and it is constantly updated. I do not trade until I have read FN.

Took me a while to get to know how to fully use FNArena, but getting the hang of it.


I am very pleased with the FNArena service, and use it daily.

Generally I have no complaints, but my only suggestion would be for more Excel interactivity.

I am very much an analytical investor, and to be able to download tables to Excel would be of great assistance to me.

Other than that, I remain a happy subscriber.


I sold off my share portfolio to buy a family home.  I was a while paying that off and I had no need for a subscription.

Now I have some spare cash, I’m looking to get back into the stock market. In the past I found FNArena’s stock market analysis to be very informative and thus you were my logical first choice.


I did try a short membership (I think it was 1 month) about a year ago and I declined to continue. At the time I said the website was poorly designed (I used to design them myself) and my opinion hasn't changed. For example regarding the main menu, Financial Analysis and Analysis & Data contain far too many subcategories, 22, whereas the rest of the 4 main items, only 2.

Anyway I happened initially noticed VUL on your site, not mentioned elsewhere, and since I have made a large amount of money. So I joined again 6 months ago and now find it is my main source of useful information. I like your honest and thoughtful comments on the market and stocks. I have just renewed for another year and I really don’t need to be incentivised to write about your service!


As I have only just joined FNArena I can’t give you an honest response. I am just getting a feel as to whether this service will fulfill my needs.

My reason for joining – I have followed Rudi on Ausbiz, and formerly Sky News Business, over the years and I have always appreciated his opinions and guidance on the stock markets.

I hope to gain further insights into what is happening in business and stock markets to help with my investment decisions. Currently, I also subscribe to another newsletter from another service, but I expect FNArena to supplement this as a go to for market opinions.


I ran a trial subscription for a month, and then decided to subscribe as a paying customer for 12 months. The two things I really liked about your service were firstly, the fact that you have forecasts for earnings and dividends for two years out on the top 200 stocks.

The second thing I liked was getting a collection of broker recommendations/calls on various businesses. I found this commentary to be very good.


We are happy to give some feedback.

Our top reason for being a member is of course ”Rudi”.

We have a lot of respect for his opinions. He has educated us over time on how to do better. He always replies to our inquiries promptly and with humour. It is a bit of hand holding for us.

You guys are always very fast to get information out.

Not sure how much we trust the brokers opinions, they sometimes just seem to follow the market.

Sometimes there is so much information coming at us that we just don’t have time to constantly read it and sometimes it overwhelms us. But we realise you are trying to be all things to all people.

We do think of maybe getting a broker to do it for us but in the past the only people who made any money was the broker. But it is frustrating to see banks lead the market up and the miners paying huge dividends and also big capital gains when for years we have been told to stay away from them.

Rotation you say, smoke and mirrors we say.

I don’t know how you can make it any simpler for us learners but it would be nice just to have a portfolio to follow. We see brokers calling a buy but the valuation can stay $s lower than the current price. How is that a buy?

Overall we are happy members.


One of the benefits of FNArena is the consensus view regarding as stock.

As a financial planner we have dedicated research providers such as Lonsec and Morningstar however it is also important to test recommendations across the broader institutional space as they will often have an influence on sentiment.

Our interest is the Consensus view primarily and the snapshot detail this provides regarding the future stock price.

Trust this assist you in developing a wider audience.


I appreciate the timely update of broker responses to market news, for example Austal yesterday.

Broker reasons for their position and the R-factor are the main reasons for my subscription. Market news and views are succinct and better than most from other sources.

The only thing I find difficult is that sometimes I cannot find the company in the articles referred to in news alerts sent to me. A lookup function would be good. (I skim read.)


It is often the case that I simply do not have enough time to read the material I subscribe to. Simply too much on and when work is full on, I have less time to read.

For that reason I stopped my subscription to the New York Times. Just too much to read. I like FNArena and it looks better than when I was last in it…..I particularly like the All weather stocks etc…….Time poor.


I am along term subscriber and enjoy the information provided by FNArena.

I take an analytical approach to my investing and find the detail provided by FNArena is very complimentary to this approach.

My favourite areas are:

·         Rudi’s Weekly Insights

·         Daily Broker Report

·         The Markets

·         All Weather Stocks

·         Detailed Stock Analysis

·         Calendar

I have also used the All Weather Stocks methodology to invest very successfully with international shares.
Increased reporting from an international overview would be beneficial.

Thank you for the great work and I intend remaining a long term subscriber.

What I like about FNArena :

1.    I read the Broker Call every day without fail and find it very useful. I also keep a record of all the Buys, Add & Outperform by stock and use the data to narrow down the stocks to research further.
2.    The Stock Analysis and Consensus Reports are excellent
3.    Also use the Super Stock Report & the Short Report.
4.    I follow Rudi’s stock selections and comments, he’s the Number 1 stock commentator in my opinion.

What I would like to see :
1.    A few more brokers to be included in the daily Broker Call, yes I know you have the Broker Call Extra, but a lot of the analysis is “old”

Other than that, keep up the good work, FNArena is great.


– Firstly, Rudi is brilliant (and also the nicest person – and I am lucky to know him personally too so am totally biased!!). I was introduced to him, and his views 5-years ago as a (still) novice investor, and have no doubt that had I the courage to follow all his predictions and recommended Buys from the start, my investing journey would have been even more fruitful!

– I love the Broker Call and find that an invaluable reference tool both on a daily basis together with the Consensus Forecast & Targets when researching a particular stock.

– The charting of his All Weather Stocks is always a good point of reference and review.

– Rudi’s Views is eagerly awaited and an instant read when it arrives and provides not just pertinent commentary on weekly financial views, but useful information about Broker’s buy/sell recommendations.

– I have not yet mastered the Icarus signal but no doubt will get there one day 🙂

– I try to watch and follow Rudi’s talks, podcasts and online presentations. Perhaps these would be given a section and links on the website? Apologies if they are there and I have missed them.

– Maybe one day an international section might be added with weekly insights? I know some are included in the daily news items.

Hope this helps!


I regularly use FNArena for the Overnight Report, Stock Analysis for various companies in which I have an interest and news articles of various sorts.

Obviously I think I'm getting value from those things which is why I keep renewing my subscription.


Have followed FNArena and respect Rudi even when not subscriber. Intend to renew.

In short I like the FN reports.

I do subscribe to many share advice businesses and an a substantial share investor—both adventurous and cautious!


What attracted me to FNArena (apart from Rudi) was essentially you were not there to promote, over time, a stock or number of stocks but allowed the investor to do their own research from the data available & make one’s own decision. With enhancement of the graphs (work in progress as you describe it) the site can only get better over time.

Is it easy to get around? Yes. But one never stops learning as I am still finding items I have ignored or not been aware of in the past.

Very much like the broker call where the opinion of up to 7 analysts is at hand rather than having to look to different sites to obtain the information.

Reporting season is one I look forward to where once again you can find feedback on a company’s performance without having to surf the web.

Rudi’s view is an essential part of the package. I look forward to reading his email each week. He challenges one’s thinking & opens the mind to many different views & opinions. After all life is a learning curve for all of us.

On the other side of the coin, so to speak, I only require the one email inclusive of the overnight report rather than the 2 separate emails as currently provided. But others may see it differently.


I quite like the format and presentation of the share analysis. Also have listened to a few webinars where Rudi spoke and I was quite impressed with his suggestions.

I am relatively new to share investing and I have subscribed to a number of reports, but eventually I will decide on just a few in the long term.


Really at this stage of my subscription I don't know what I like about your service. The reason I signed up is I enjoy Rudi's comments and articles on Livewire or Ausbiz. He makes interesting observations which are often quite different to other advisers. Really paid up to see your all weather stocks. Many of these we have in our portfolio which did not surprise me.

Intend to download part of my portfolio to check out how it works for me. Unfortunately busy right now with other financial issues  but over next month or so  intend to try and train myself to get the most from it. Unfortunately at times I get bored with running our portfolio but want to get more involved. I have a broker that keeps me on track especially on our international shares.


I’ve kept renewing our subscription for two main reasons:

–    The consolidation of broker views on individual companies is really useful, particularly around reporting season.

Day to day my focus is more on asset allocation, macro and a longer term view, so this is a great tool to be able to quickly get up to speed on a company quickly.
–    I also enjoy reading Greg Peel’s Overnight Report, as I find it to be both concise and insightful.


There is little I can offer in ideas or criticism about FNArena. I like what FNArena offers as it fully supplies my needs.

I started investing (not trading) in shares nearly 70 years ago and made my share of mistakes along the way as part of my financial education. I listened to many "experts", people with systems, commentary, recommendations, software systems etc over the years and gradually developed my own basic criteria for making investment decisions.

I needed a source of accurate historical data to help me make those decisions and ready access to a range of analysts because in retirement, I preferred to spent my remaining time on less onerous activities. I found what I needed in subscribing to FNArena.

I find Rudi's approach to evaluation of companies both logical and sensible. I find the aggregation of expert forecasts and their details essential in making my investment decisions. My first port of call when looking for information is always FNArena.


I quite like Rudi’s approach – he is quite measured and sensible and doesn’t get caught up in the moment. I like the all weather companies idea and his rationale behind it..


Over the last few years of reading a number of reputable investment information sources/subscriptions I noticed many had something in common.

Many were referencing good investment information from FNArena.

I thought if the experts are sourcing good investment information from FNArena then why not source investment information directly from FNArena.

So, here I am.


I used to hear Rudi on Sky (I think on Switzer) and I appreciated his views as he tends to call it as he sees it and in a no nonsense way.

My background years ago was in broking and now I manage a number of clients re their super and investment funds … on the various platforms, and offer a pro active management style and do include some direct exposures where warranted.

It takes time but have found that as clients become a bit more educated as to what actually goes on behind the scenes as far as managing portfolios , they do enjoy some feedback.

I can use the consensus views to double check our thoughts and also provide feedback – and the general market commentary and “ Rudi’s views” are also read and appreciated.
Keep up the good work.


I have known about FN for many years but it just isn't exactly what I am looking for because of a few reasons. First let me say I have always valued Rudi's opinions so in spite of FN not being exactly what I want, I keep coming back.

I have an smsf and for my share side I mainly use etfs also more international than Australian. The main thing I am looking for is important news that will influence the market in general as opposed to individual stock news. I am also trying to get a feel for the mood of the market eg greed or fear.

It is easy to get lost in all the info out there so I am very selective about who I listen to. No person who has been around investing for any length of time expects all the opinions and estimates to be correct eg gfc .What I do expect is that the person making the call has gone to considerable effort to form that opinion and that they believe in what they say.

I always feel Rudi does this. The only criticism I have is that sometimes I would like Rudi to make his opinion about future market directions a bit easier to grasp. Also must be over 5 years ago I am sure FN had an article about direct property as an alternative investment so I took the advice and invested through charter hall and have been getting 12% a year ever since so thanks for the tip.


I subscribed because I like the broker summaries, and easy to read EPS, DPS, dividend yield, and PE ratios.

One thing I think you could do better would be coverage of small caps.


First, I thoroughly enjoy reading Rudy's news articles. He possesses amazing writing skills. Very interesting to read the market analysis.

Last year, around this time, Rudy has written about travel and bank stocks to invest. What he suggested was: invest, sit back and relax. I followed his ideas and added those stocks to my Super Fund.

My investment is about $30,000 in Australian Super. It shows 42% returns.

I am a small investor, and I love to monitor and read about the equities market. I like to follow the expert opinion like Rudy's.

Negative point what I can see is "Portfolio News Alert" I cannot find anything new information and this is a extra email I am receiving during the day.

Your overnight report is very impressive.

Have a great evening and give my regards to Mr. Rudy.


I began investing (on a small scale) about 5 years ago & began watching the ‘10 stocks’ program on Sky Business Channel. I knew very little about the principles of good investing, but learned a lot from listening to commentators such as Rudi (& Julia Lee).

When the Sky channel folded, I took out a subscription to FNArena.

I especially value Rudi’s ‘weekly insights’ for its neat summary of themes & stock ideas as well as his list of all-weather stocks. When I started out I was always looking for high growth, falling into the trap of chasing high-risk, speculative stocks & buying in to several companies at IPOs.

I don’t do that now.

I’ve learned that quality & growth go together & I now hold several of the all-weather stocks (I particularly like the companies listed as emerging new business models). Of particular value is Rudi’s philosophy that PE is not always the best indicator of whether to buy. I wish I’d listened to him & bought XRO when they were $30! But always naively thought that was too expensive! I have learned my lesson – I bought CSL at $250 & PME for $17.

I frequently tell other family members ‘what Rudi says’ & share with them his weekly insights emails.


I initially heard of Rudi through other news platforms (podcasts, news articles, etc). His concept of building a portfolio of All Weather Stocks really aligned with my investing views as well. So I decided to give FNArena a go and have since found a lot of the information presented quite easy to understand and helpful in forming a view of companies I have been following.

The broker calls, Icarus Signals, weekly news and stories have been very helpful in improving my knowledge.

My feedback won’t be any great surprise:

•    I watch the sentiment indicator, 0.7 being a threshold to look at a company.
•    The Weekly Ratings, Targets, Forecast Changes is another key source of information, once a stock has three buys I seriously look at it. At 2 I start keeping an eye on the graphs to get a feel for volatility and range.
•    The consensus information in Rudi’s weekly email is another good heads-up, the above I consider more strongly however.

Beyond this I read the articles to keep an eye on the broader landscape.

As an aside, Michael Gables’ articles in the FNArena emails led me to also subscribe to his weekly emails – it’s handy to have a technical view as well.

As far as downsides, since I work 5 days a week I lose another day to reading all of the information – not much can be done about that though, the returns have been worth it.


My criticism of your site is that you only have a select few brokers you source info from. I use Morgans and Bells and CommSec for background info on shares, articles, recommendations etc and if your team had the same access and to others, your site would be much improved, especially given the subscription fee paid by subscribers to FN.

I use Hotcopper a lot and, sifting through the rubbish, there is a lot there that could be incorporated into FN. I appreciate you may have limited resources by comparison.

You too could have float/IPO info, dividend info and other sources of share education, info re ETF’s etc on a more regular basis and so on. Why not have access to the VIX and the Baltic indicator and similar links, maybe even a competition each month for the best 3 share portfolio. Liven it up a bit etc

Otherwise, as a long term subscriber, I source information from FN to assist me in investing in Australia and overseas. It is one of a number of sources that is valuable.


I joined FNArena after listening to Rudi on the Australian Money Café as I thought he was insightful.

I like the Broker call information. I’ve worked with Brokers to raise funds for small cap listed mining companies in good and difficult times. It would be great if Broker call reports would allow FNArena members access to the actual reports and also to see whether the Broker has done some work or raised capital for the company it is reporting on.

I’m sceptical of Brokers praising a company with buy recommendations when they also get paid a commission for raising capital for them.

Thanks for the opportunity to respond.


Like the overnight report, daily broker call, consensus numbers & reporting season calender.


I had taken out a few free trials and had been comparing the FNArena product to various other competitors in the market. I finally settled on a combination of Market Matters (I like the simple portfolio advice that James Gerrish provides) and HALO, a fairly expensive market analysis tool.

The deciding factor was that I really liked Rudi’s view of all-weather stocks. His articles and content seem to provide information that support investors deciding what stocks to buy that will be long term compounders of wealth. I also really like the updated broker calls.

In closing I can say that I am enjoying the service I get from FNArena. Keep up the good work.


Why do I keep coming back to FNArena?  Sometimes, I ask myself the same question but I look at it this way:

I always enjoy Greg Peel's early morning report with the associated tables of data. This usually gets my day off to a good start if things look good. If not, I'm fired up to do whatever the day requires. I like Greg's throw away lines as well.

I devour all of Rudi's writings and find them most insightful. The all-weather performers are not floating my boat at the moment; not too many of them meet my buy criteria. I chart them all and buy only the strongest performers.

I've never found much use for broker calls because of their derivation. In a growth situation, they tend to lag the actual share prices because of their slow adjustment to intrinsic values. In a similar vein, Rudi recently published Morgans 10 stock focus list.  I charted them all. The best I could do was assign a possible buy to 3 of them! There's a power of advice available…. with about 70% chaff mixed through it.

That's why I like FNArena. Data from all sources with data analysis every which way. You get to choose what you do with it with some astute words from the editorial staff.

Having said way more than I intended, I think I'll curl up with a good book and a glass of red then study the inside of my eyelids until tomorrow's opening.


Positives –  gives us  broker consensus and stock ideas. Website is easy to navigate.

Negatives – more other broker coverage,  not many to be honest.


I have been a subscriber for a while.

I find the content on your site like the broker comments & valuations, Rudi’s insights, the ‘All Weather’ portfolio etc invaluable.

One question would be why are other broker valuations not included ? It is not a big thing.


Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback.

I have been a very happy user of FNArena. My role is to provide advice to clients of Financial Planners and whilst the firm I work for has a very good research library, there are stocks we don’t cover, and it is always good to see what other brokers think about a stock. I also really like the Sentiment Indicator.

I am a simple user of the site and there is probably more it could do for me, but what I do use is efficient and informative and will keep me subscribing.

I really can’t think of anything negative enough to comment on.


Sorry I haven't got much feedback other than my financial advisor recommended the site to me.


Why do I renew my subscription?

Greg's daily market summary – most commentators will give you a reason why (mostly spurious), generally, and with humor, Greg refrains. I suffer withdrawal when he's absent.

Rudi's All weather stocks and their associates, together with his reasoning for favoring them. His Insights are also good reading but I must confess to sometimes not reading them.

Background reports such as material matters.

Technical analysis comments such as Reef Capital or Fairmont Equities.

Interesting to see a collection of Brokers recommendations.

Prompt response to any questions and comments.

One thing that has greatly increased FNArena's value to me is the expansion of the information available in the Stock Analysis. Graphical representations help me, personally, while information such as return on capital and cash flow are really starting to make the site indispensable.

– Small point it would be good to have the definitions used to build the data. I know there are definitions freely available on other sites but having a pop up definition, or something like that, which could be accessed from FNArena would be great.

What I look forward to in the future is any further increase to the fundamental information, EBIT, Gross Profit etc. available in the Stock Analysis. Then all that information available in a searchable data base (find the stocks with the highest capital yield etc.) preferable down loadable so that I can construct my own version of Mr. Greenblatt's Magic Formula.


All responses have been received between February and November 2021.

Some of the services that are mentioned and available without a paid subscription:

-Rudi's Views:

-Australian Indices:

-Daily Market Reports:

-Corporate Results Monitor:

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