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FNArena Corporate Results Monitor – 01-06-2022

Australia | Jun 01 2022

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Welcome to the FNArena Corporate Results Monitor.

Today's Reports:

  • ((STG)) – Straker Translations

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Welcome to the FNArena Corporate Results Monitor:

Subscribers can access the monitor at any time using this link, Corporate Results Monitor, or via the drop-down menu starting from Analysis & Data on the horizontal bar across the website. Whereas previously the day's (often long) list of reporting stocks and result assessments were made available at day's end, the new format allows us to update more regularly during peak times. The list of the day's reporting stocks will build as each day progresses, and the full table of all result assessments will build each day as the season progresses.

At any time, subscribers can print out the table in PDF form using the button provided.

The table includes broker ratings and consensus target price changes and a brief commentary for each reporting company. For further information on the relevance of this information, please see the Guide below.


Each day of the Australian corporate reporting season, FNArena provides a summary of broker responses to the previous day's profit result releases from companies under coverage. Readers are reminded that it matters not what actual profit/loss result is posted by each company but by how much that result exceeded/fell short of stock analysts' consensus forecasts. Stock price movements on the day of release, and in many cases for the months following the release, will often be determined by the extent of "beats" and "misses" of underlying earnings as well as company guidance and analyst/management outlook.

A rolling summary table is updated in real time each day on the FNArena website and will build as the season progresses. Additions are made each day, consistent with releases dates, and stocks will then be listed in alphabetical order for ease of use until the full picture of the reporting season emerges.

Note that companies assessed include only those covered by the eight major stockbrokers in the FNArena database and that ratings changes and targets are those provided only by the database brokers.

Note also that “beat” and “miss” assessments are open to an element of subjectivity and not simply a result-versus-consensus-forecast comparison. Mitigating factors include one-off items, top line versus bottom line relevance, forward guidance as an important consideration and so forth. In many cases “profit” per se is not the most relevant performance indicator.


While FNArena's Corporate Results Monitor is being compiled with great care and our best endeavours, investors should note that we cannot guarantee that all data and information gathered and on display is 100% accurate at all times. FNArena does not accept any responsibility for errors and omissions that can occur. Investors should always do their own research and consult with a financial expert before making investment decisions. FNArena's Corporate Results Monitor is an informative tool, it does not not contain investment advice and should not be treated as such.

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