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Web3 golf company Play Today launches world-first golf metaverse with livestream in partnership with Golf NSW & Drummond Golf

PR NewsWire | Mar 14 2023

SYDNEY, March 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Web3 golf company Play Today has launched a world-first golf metaverse that will first be used to livestream the upcoming NSW Open Golf Championship here in partnership with Golf NSW and Australia’s biggest golf retailer, Drummond Golf.

Play Today Metaverse
Play Today Metaverse

The "Play Today Metaverse" is an interactive 3D virtual world built by golf players for golf players, allowing participants or "Players" from across the world to connect with each other and experience new and exciting ways to explore the world of golf.

Play Today will also launch the world’s first golf innovation centre inside a metaverse, called the "Drummond Golf Innovation Centre", within which players can enter the innovation centre and use augmented reality to virtually view innovative new golfing products from leading golf brands.

The event is predicted to bring in over 20,000 viewers a day (or 80,000 over the course of the four-day tournament), but given the unique virtual delivery of the tournament, could attract far higher numbers of younger and overseas Players to join in the livestream.

Inside the metaverse, Players can: 

  • showcase their digital golf collectibles, or NFTs, which they can obtain through the Play Today scoring app or purchase from the Play Today marketplace,
  • visit virtual replications or "digital twins" of over 40,000 physical golf courses from around the world as a flyover experience,
  • connect with fellow golfers from across the globe either by walking around in standalone mode, or by interacting with other Players in the Play Today clubhouse,
  • replay a physical round of golf on the same course in the virtual world,
  • watch live-streaming of professional golf tournaments from around the world, interactively controlling the broadcast to follow their player of choice and view live scores.

Both Play Today and Drummond Golf believe the metaverse livestream of a professional golf event will transform how fans interact with and consume golf, and revolutionise the consumption of sports events and merchandise as a whole.

Ravi Abeyaratne, Marketing Director of Drummond Golf, said: "Drummond Golf prides itself on being at the forefront of innovation in golf for almost 50 years, and we are incredibly excited to partner with Play Today on the Drummond Golf Innovation Centre. This will enable us to engage with customers during live events in a way that is not possible with traditional TV advertising. The Play Today Metaverse is absolutely the future of sports events, and we are proud to be part of this exciting new world."

Clive Mayhew, Play Today CEO, said: "The experience of watching golf events on TV hasn’t changed much over the last fifty years. It’s not very exciting for the younger player, and doesn’t provide any opportunities for interaction, personalisation, or any form of immersion in the world of golf – for players, fans, and golf retailers alike.

"By livestreaming the NSW Golf Open Championship within our metaverse, while offering immersive experiences such as the Drummond Golf Innovation Centre, we are creating a new and exciting way for enthusiasts from across the globe to experience professional golf. And golf is just the beginning – this is just a small taste of what the future of interactive sports broadcasting will become."

Stuart Fraser, CEO of Golf NSW, said: "The Play Today Metaverse is a visionary concept for golf. Aligning Australia’s greatest State Open Championship with an interactive experience as engaging as the Play Today Metaverse will ensure fans of the sport, not just in our great state, but globally, get a taste for the future of our great game."

The "Play Today NSW Open Golf Championship" will be held at the Rich River Golf Club in Moama from 16 to 19 March, and will showcase Australasia’s best golfers including Blake Windred and existing NSW Open Champion, Harrison Crowe.

Clive Mayhew recently invested $1.2 million to launch Play Today and enable the ~70 million golf players globally to score, experience, and connect online through their favourite game.

Play Today (, the web3 golf company, has developed a consumer digital wallet integrated into a golf scoring app, a golf NFT Marketplace, and a golf metaverse, which is a world’s first use of web3 technology connecting the physical game of golf with digital wallets and an immersive online community experience. 

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