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Health Food Symmetry has formed a strategic alignment with Sunrise Health & Wellness launching new products at the 2023 Australian Pharmacy Professional Con

PR NewsWire | Mar 21 2023

Health and Wellness Market Disruption – New Partnership

SYDNEY, March 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Health Food Symmetry (HFS) and Sunrise Health and Wellness (Sunrise) are excited to announce the strategic alignment that will see the two organisations join forces to help accelerate the brand development of the incredible PhytoBiome® ingredient & KFibre® gut health product range. 

Sunrise Health and Wellness are an industry leader in Health and Wellness brand development and specialise in marketing, establishing disruptive distribution networks, commercial relationships and enhancing brand equity.

HFS is renowned with their pioneering PhytoBiome® ingredient, and equally Sunrise, with a company culture dedicated to delivering high quality products via high quality ingredients that will be trusted by the consumer at every vertical of the health and wellness market. As Sunrise are Synonymous with marketing innovation and brand development.

The strategic alliance between the two will see the health and wellness market gain access to the superior PhytoBiome® Fibre ingredient, as Sunrise opens its books via white label manufacturing capabilities for Gut Health products. 

Sunrise is proud to be further bolstered in this alignment via our contract manufacturing partner in Tismor Health and Wellness.

Kevin Williams, CEO of Sunrise Health and Wellness, commented on the new relationship.

"I am incredibly excited to be working with HFS. Their products and ingredients are first class and for Sunrise to be able to collaborate in taking both their products and ingredients to the next level is a fantastic opportunity. Furthermore, having a sovereign and locally made sustainable product is a key differentiating factor that will allow future success in the Australian health and wellness market".

Gordon Edwards, the CEO of HFS, also commented on the new partnership.

"Working with and developing products with a company such as Sunrise H&W, supported by Tismor’s stellar reputation, gives HFS products a considerable boost in the health and wellness space. HFS is the only manufacturer of PhytoBiome® globally; we know the benefits and its proven ability to boost health and wellness products.

Join HFS & Sunrise at the Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference & trade Exhibition on the Gold Coast from March 23 – 26, we’d love to show you the product range and tell you more."

Media contact
Health Food Symmetry – Gordon Edwards (CEO – – 0457 399 324

Sunrise Health & WellnessKevin Williams (CEO) – 0417 318 829

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