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Clear Medical Imaging and See-Mode Technologies Announce Partnership via CureLabs Innovation Hub

PR NewsWire | Mar 24 2023

MELBOURNE, Australia, March 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Clear Medical Imaging, a leading provider of radiology services and the second largest independent healthcare provider in Ontario, announces partnership with See-Mode Technologies to adopt See-Mode, an artificial intelligence (AI) software application that increases efficiencies within the ultrasound workflow by assessing ultrasound images, automatically detecting clinical pathologies, and building a complete report. This partnership will be implemented in phases, initially with the roll-out of See-Mode’s vascular product followed by the breast and thyroid later this year.

"Clear Medical Imaging’s goal is to provide leading radiology imaging services, quality, and compassionate patient-centered care. We are committed to investing in new and innovative technologies that will improve the level of care for our patients," says Manish Chadda, Chief Medical Officer and Chairman of the Board, Clear Medical Imaging. "We were drawn to See-Mode’s commitment to performance improvements with their AI-enhanced reporting application."

One of the major challenges facing the healthcare industry in Canada is a shortage of Ultrasound Technologists. The workflow efficiencies created through the use of See-Mode at Clear Medical Imaging will assist in mitigating this shortage. See-Mode will assist clinicians at Clear Medical Imaging with the interpretation, analysis, and reporting of ultrasound studies to improve standardization, along with reducing errors and reporting time.

"Clear Medical Imaging’s dedication to improving ultrasound services aligns strongly with that of See-Mode’s," says Milad Mohammadzadeh, Co-founder, See-Mode. "See-Mode’s AI models are able to aid in the interpretation of ultrasound images, removing some of the manual steps from the reporting process. Allowing clinicians to spend more time with their patients and lift the overall performance of the team."

"The detection and accurate classification of clinical pathologies, such as vascular stenoses or thyroid nodules, is critical to determining the treatment our patients require," says Michael Reinkober, Chief Executive Officer, Clear Medical Imaging. The adoption of See-Mode’s technology will help us to improve the quality of care we provide to our customer’s and the workflow experience of our team."

About Clear Medical Imaging

Clear Medical imaging is the second largest independent healthcare provider in Ontario, Canada’s most populous province. Our team of highly specialized professionals serve over 1500 referring physicians, perform over 600,000 exams annually to provide best in class care to our 1.4 million patient catchment area. Our current regional footprint comprises of 13 imaging centers across Southwestern Ontario with 5 new centers slated to open throughout 2023.

We strive to improve our patients lives and our healthcare system by being at the forefront of innovation, collaboration, and novel partnership models. To this end we’ve entered into Canada’s first partnership with a Health/MedTech Innovation hub, CureLabs. Through this model Clear Medical and our patients in Southwestern Ontario will have access to the world’s leading healthcare technologies, with the goal of providing our patients with the most advanced and innovative care available worldwide.         

About See-Mode Technologies

See-Mode applies cutting-edge deep learning and computational modeling techniques on medical images to empower clinicians to improve their clinical workflow and patient outcomes. See-Mode’s product automatically analyses and reports on vascular, breast and thyroid ultrasound studies. See-Mode has received regulatory approval for the clinical use of its product across Canada from Health Canada. See-Mode is backed by prominent venture capital firms in APAC, including MassMutual Ventures, Blackbird Ventures, Cocoon Capital, and SGInnovate.

About CureLabs

CureLabs was born out of the desire to bring the most advanced Health and MedTech developments to Canada through an innovative model that pairs outstanding companies from across the world with real world clinical providers and patients. This pairing provides a unique ability to collaborate with clinicians, serve patients and iterate rapidly towards solutions to healthcare problems that work in the real world. CureLabs also has a deep understanding of the regulatory environments in Canada and the United States and when needed can assist with a strategic approach to approvals and deployment. Lastly, we look to form joint ventures with partner companies to help facilitate deployment across the Canadian market.

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