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Creality ShareFest Australia 2023: Igniting Creativity Down Under

PR NewsWire | Nov 21 2023

MELBOURNE, Australia, Nov. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Creality, a global leader in 3D printing, recently concluded its Australian leg of the Creality ShareFest 2023 series with a user meetup on November 19 in Melbourne. This exclusive event marked a significant step in understanding user perspectives and exploring the future of 3D printing in the Australian market.

Creality ShareFest in 2023: A Worldwide Journey, All the Way to Australia

Creality ShareFest has successfully traversed multiple global locations in 2023, including China (Shenzhen/Shanghai), USA (Goshen/Maryland), France (Lespinasse), and now, Australia. The Melbourne event, part of this global initiative, followed its predecessors with tremendous success.

Leading up to the event, registrations opened on October 18th, and within a week, over 100 Australian users enthusiastically signed up. The actual event garnered significant anticipation, with nearly 60 attendees ranging from children, female workshop leaders, model designers, to 3D printing service providers, showcasing the broad appeal and accessibility of 3D printing technology, as well as the inclusivity of Creality ShareFest.

Product Showcasing and Experiencing

At the event Creality introduced a raft of new 3D printers featuring the Ender-3 V3 series and CR-10 SE, as well as a range of ecosystem products such as engravers, scanners, drying boxes, Nebula Pad, and high-speed filaments, giving attendees an exclusive look at the upcoming Ender-3 V3 KE and the 3D printed shoes set to be released in December.

People also had the opportunity to assemble the Ender-3 V3 SE, showcasing the evolution of 3D printing accessibility. The introduction of the new laser engraver, Falcon2 40W, provided a hands-on experience, underlining Creality’s commitment to a comprehensive 3D printing ecosystem.

Community Involvement and Insights

The event featured a special appearance by YouTuber @TheOuterCircle, who shared his extensive experience with Creality machines including HALOT MAGE Pro, CR-10 SE, Ender-3 Max Neo, HALOT One Plus and CR-10 Smart Pro.

James McKenzi, an avid wargamer and 3DP enthusiast, showcased his intricate gaming 3D creations using both FDM and resin printers. Satisfied with the surpassing performance of his Creality CR-10 SE, he also contributed great ideas to ShareFest Australia.

The involvement of online community leaders like Sean Riley, who shared details about prize activities in Facebook groups 3D Printing Australia and Creality Australia, highlighted Creality’s collaborative approach to building and supporting local 3D printing communities.

Notably, the event witnessed engaging user discussions, covering diverse topics such as the industry applications of 3D printing in fields like medicine, manufacturing, and design. The discourse extended to education in 3D printing technology and delved into participants’ daily experiences with 3D printing.

Mark Sichler, the Category Manager representing Jaycar, Creality’s largest distributing partner in Australia as a major electronics retailer in the Oceania region, showed up at the event and gave invaluable support. Mark leaked exclusive Christmas offers for the Creality Australia Facebook group members, unveiling exciting festive surprises at the gathering.

Model Contest Tradition Continues

A highlight of ShareFest events, the model contest continued in Melbourne. Attendees voted for their favorite models, maintaining the tradition of community engagement. Winners received coveted Creality products, including the K1, K1 Max and HALOT MAGE Pro. By leveraging the power of its inventions, Creality aspires to inspire creative ideas among makers.

Capturing Memories: Group Photos and Dinner

To commemorate the beauty of ShareFest Australia, participants came together for group photos. Creality also provided a delightful dinner, fostering conversations around 3D printing experiences. The activity aimed to connect creators, providing a platform to share stories and forge friendships within the 3D printing community.

Looking Ahead: Creality’s Commitment to Global Community

As the Melbourne ShareFest drew to a close, Creality expressed gratitude to all participants and reiterated its commitment to supporting and growing the Australian 3D printing community. The success of the event fuels hope for more such gatherings in other countries, encouraging global collaboration and knowledge exchange in the realm of 3D printing.

"We witnessed Creality ShareFest journeying throughout the world, and decided that we can’t miss Australia. The warmest response ShareFest Australia has received affirmed this decision and this event and further, fortified Creality’s commitment to furthering a vibrant 3D printing community in Australia as well as our will to carry it onto New Zealand soon enough," Alice Zeng, Overseas Sales Director at Creality, marveled at the success of ShareFest Australia. "We‘ll continue to encourage creators and enthusiasts to join the community, stay connected, and be part of the ongoing evolution of 3D printing, as the ShareFest series remains a testament to our dedication to inspiration, collaboration, and the limitless possibilities of 3D printing. But meanwhile and foremost, we thank you – besides thanking our most committed users, we also would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to the many of our partners, including Jaycar, media reps, and influencers – it would not have been possible without you all."

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