Kalkine Unveils Innovative Momentum Model Portfolio for Investors

PR NewsWire | Jul 09 2024

SYDNEY, July 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Kalkine, a leading financial research and analytics firm, announced the introduction of its Momentum Model Portfolio, meticulously designed to cater to investors with a high-risk appetite and a penchant for short-term gains. This innovative investment tool is meant for individuals seeking to capitalize on market trends with precision and tactical foresight.

Understanding Model Portfolios

Model Portfolios, as identified by Kalkine, represent a robust opportunity area, crafted as hypothetical investment tool that provides a curated selection of stocks. Typically encompassing 10-15 stocks, these portfolios are tailored based on risk tolerance and holding tenure expectations of varied target audiences. The selection process is underpinned by quantitative parameters, ensuring a methodical and research-driven approach to stock picking.

Kalkine’s Model Portfolios are categorized to reflect different return and risk profiles, aligned with short-term, mid-term, and long-term investment horizons. The regular review and adjustment of these portfolios ensure that they remain attuned to market dynamics and investor needs.

Kalkine’s Momentum Model Portfolio: Riding the Market Waves

Adhering to the philosophy that "The Trend is Your Friend," Kalkine’s Momentum Model Portfolio is crafted to exploit momentum stocks across diverse sectors and market capitalizations. This portfolio is built on a back-tested quantitative strategy, drawing on technical indicators to identify a suite of ten stocks poised for favorable risk-reward outcomes. The success of any quantitative strategy hinges on the metrics and criteria employed, and Kalkine’s strategy is no exception. It integrates a balanced mix of volume, trend-following, and momentum indicators to achieve optimal results.

Key Features and Benefits
Diversified Exposure

Investors gain exposure to a diversified pool of small, mid, and large-capitalization momentum stocks. This diversification mitigates risk while maximizing potential returns from stocks demonstrating strong positive trends.

ASX Listed-Equities Focus

The Momentum Model Portfolio is exclusively focused on ASX-listed equities, offering investors a targeted approach to the Australian stock market.

Short-Term Objective

The primary objective of this portfolio is to identify momentum stocks that exhibit relative strength and potential upside in the short term, typically within a two-month period. This short-term focus aligns with the high-risk appetite of its intended audience.

Strategy and Methodology
Technical Analysis-Driven Approach

Kalkine’s momentum stock picks are grounded in rigorous technical analysis. This approach leverages a suite of indicators, including Simple Moving Averages (SMAs), Directional Movement Index (DMI), Relative Strength Index (RSI), Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), and volume trends. Each indicator is selected for its proven efficacy in predicting short-term price movements, ensuring that only the most promising stocks are included in the portfolio.

Stock Selection Criteria

The inclusion of stocks in the Momentum Model Portfolio is driven by adherence to quantitative parameters. These parameters are the result of extensive research and testing by Kalkine’s team of qualified technical analysis experts. The goal is to capture stocks that are signaling strength and have the potential for positive directional movement in their prices.

Target Audience

Kalkine’s Momentum Model Portfolio is specifically designed for individuals with a high-risk appetite and a short-term outlook. These investors are typically seeking to capitalize on quick price movements and are comfortable with the inherent volatility associated with momentum stocks.

Kalkine’s introduction of the Momentum Model Portfolio marks an advancement in the realm of investment tools. By combining rigorous technical analysis with a strategic focus on short-term gains, Kalkine provides investors with a powerful tool to navigate the dynamic landscape of the stock market. This portfolio not only showcases Kalkine’s commitment to innovation but also reinforces its dedication to delivering short-term investment solutions.

Investors seeking to harness the power of market momentum will find Kalkine’s Momentum Model Portfolio an invaluable addition to their investment strategy.

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