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The Prudence Of Infrastructure In A Recession

Jun 09 2023

Infrastructure’s resilience can serve investors well during times of economic recession, reports ClearBridge Investments

Equities Ignore Recession, Profit Risks

Jun 08 2023

Time for equity investors to prepare for higher borrowing costs and rising stresses on corporate cash flows, warns MFS’s Robert Almeida

Markets Are Distracted

May 22 2023

The Fed hiking rates or not from here onwards is a ‘distraction’, argues MFS strategist Robert Almeida. What matters instead are future cash flows/profits, and here markets are set for disappointment

US Debt Ceiling: Here We Go Again

Apr 21 2023

With the US set to run out of money in the next few months, and US politics at bipartisan extremes, another debt ceiling battle is underway which could have recession implications

Why The Fed Must Pivot

Apr 13 2023

Ahead of the Herd’s Rick Mills explains why the Fed must pivot

Australia & China’s Post-Zero Covid Engagement

Mar 07 2023

The Albanese government is enjoying a thaw in the relationship with China, but that doesn’t imply a return to the good old Halcyon days is on the cards

Transitory Tightening?

Jan 23 2023

Franklin Templeton’s Sonal Desai argues markets are too sanguine and the outlook for inflation, and central bankers’ attitude to it, has changed

Are We EV Ready?

Jan 16 2023

Questions about EVs and the future of electrification do not stop with Tesla and its controversial CEO

Insights From The Road Well-Travelled

Oct 24 2022

WaveStone Capital’s Henry Hill has visited 50 UK and US companies to gauge the mood post-covid and the impacts of inflation and a slowing consumer

Gloomy Outlook For Global Growth

Oct 06 2022

Oxford Economics does not anticipate a return to strong global growth any time soon, as a series of short-term and longer-term macroeconomic factors drag on economies

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