SMSFundamentals is an ongoing feature series dedicated to providing SMSF trustees with valuable news, investment ideas and services, in line with SMSF requirements and obligations. Apart from specific SMSF-oriented insights and articles that can assist SMSF investment strategy, this section also includes practical tips and insights from registered experts.

Previous Stories

SMSFundamentals: Opportunity Knocks At Corporate Bond Door

Jul 15 2020

As low interest rates have underpinned borrowing, corporate debt issuance has surged and, Janus Henderson Investors highlights, these instruments can provide more certain returns compared with shares

SMSFundamentals: Australians Largely Uninformed About Their Super

Jun 23 2020

Australian super accounts have taken massive hits throughout the coronavirus pandemic highlighting the lack of knowledge the average Australian has about how their super fund works.

SMSFundamentals: Aussie ETFs Have $100bn In Sight

Jun 01 2020

Market volatility has sparked a surge in ETF interest from investors as traditional funds managers suffer outflows.

SMSFundamentals: ETFs Trending Higher

Feb 12 2020

Exchange traded funds are becoming more popular as investors seek alternatives in a low-yield world.

SMSFundamentals: 2019 Record Year For ETFs

Jan 16 2020

Investors are increasingly using Exchange Traded Funds to build diverse portfolios across asset classes and the industry had a big year in 2019.

SMSFundamentals: ETFs Attract The Young And The Restless

Dec 16 2019

Recent data show an increasing interest in exchange-traded fund investment from millennials, while defensive ETFs have risen in popularity, along with international offerings.

SMSFundamentals: ETF Flight To Safety

Nov 18 2019

October saw strong demand for Australian fixed income ETFs, while in the US, investment in passive equity ETFs has outstripped that in active ETFs for the first time.

SMSFundamentals: Super Members Pay Less In Fees

Oct 25 2019

Superannuation fees charged to members have fallen for the first time in six years, while funds are using their negotiating power and paying less to external asset managers.

SMSFundamentals: Finding Yield In A Low Rate World

Oct 11 2019

With term deposit rates around 1.5%, the ten-year bond rate at 0.9%, inflation at 1.6% and stock market volatility ever present, where can one invest for both safety and income in today’s interest rate environment?

SMSFundamentals: Fat Cat Superannuation Funds Feed Off Fees

Oct 04 2019

A new report reveals what investors may already know, that “fees make all the difference” to final outcomes for superannuation members’ retirement savings, with many funds struggling to generate returns strong enough to cover the negative impact of high investment fees.